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QTTY is a console client software running on Linux and Windows, that allows BlueTooth RFCOMM connections to QConsole / WmConsole servers running on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.   In order to build QTTY on Linux, you need the BlueZ package (Linux BlueTooth bits), whereas on Windows you need the Microsoft Platform SDK (downloadable from their developer web site).   A pre-built Windows binary is also included inside the package, if you are not willing to build QTTY by yourself.   In order to connect to a QConsole / WmConsole server, you need to know the BlueTooth address (or name) of the device you are connecting to, the channel number on which the server is listening, and a username / password couple.   With these information available, you can start a session by issuing :

qtty --qc-addr ADDR --qc-channel CHNBR --user USERNAME --pass PASSWORD

The ADDR parameter can either be a BlueTooth address like 00:12:37:6C:33:FB, or a BlueTooth name (in which case QTTY will perform a BlueTooth address resolution in order to get the hardware address). After a successful login, you can issue an 'help' command in order to get a list of all the available commands.

License and Software

QTTY  is made available through the GNU GPL license together with the complete sources.  The latest QTTY package are available here :

Version 1.60

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