(Generic Userspace Asyncronous Syscall Interface)

The guasi library implements a thread based generic asyncronous execution engine, to be used to give otherwise syncronous calls an asyncronous behaviour. It can be used to wrap any syncronous call, so that it can be scheduled for execution, and whose result can be fetched at later time (hence not blocking the submitter thread). The guasi library can be used as complement to standard event retrieval interfaces like poll(2), select(2) or epoll(4). The guasi library is generic, by meaning that any (not only system calls) otherwise syncronous function can be made asyncronous. Functions submitted with guasi_submit(3) will/might execute in parallel, so proper care must be taken to handle this behaviour.


The GUASI library man page is available : HTML   TXT    PDF

License and Software

The GUASI library is made available through the GNU LGPL license together with the complete sources. Please read carefully the license before using the software. The latest library package is available here :

Version 0.25


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