ussp-push is a OBEX object pusher for Linux, using the BlueZ BlueTooth stack. The original ussp-push implementation required explicit binding to RFCOMM channels before the usage, that made it quite cumbersome to use. I added BlueTooth name resolution, SDP service resolution, and direct access to remote BlueTooth listening channels. The syntax now supported by ussp-push is:

$ ussp-push [--dev DEVID] [--timeo TIMEO] {DEVICE, BTADDR@[BTCHAN]} LFILE RFILE


HCI device ID (0, 1, ...). Valid only if the BTADDR@BTCHAN syntax is used
RFCOMM connect timeout in seconds
RFCOMM device file (like /dev/rfcomm0)
BTADDR@[BTCHAN] BlueTooth address and channel of the remote OBEX listener. The BTADDR can be either a BlueTooth address of a BlueTooth device name. If the BTCHAN is not specified, an SDP quesry is performed to retrieve the remote OBEX service channel
Local file path
Remote file name

License and Software

ussp-push is made available through the GNU GPL license. Please read carefully the license before using the software. The ussp-push source is available here :


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